– Meet the Editors –

Hi! We are Jeremy and Reagan Reynolds — a couple of young professionals, students, and entrepreneurs working very hard to accomplish anything we dream imaginable. We founded the Glory Tree Herald because we love art, mingling, performance, music, and (Reagan, especially) writing.


Portrait by Paul Pastrone at http://www.boxersweeney.com

So, you guys are married?

R: Yes, yes we are. Very married and we’re pretty sappy about it.

Are you artists?

J: I’d say yes. Art has many mediums and we both dabble… from writing to music, even performing. Also, sketching. Oh, and fashion. Also food… that’s an art form, right?

R: Yeah, I’d agree. But we are not necessarily “fine” artists. Rather than using the term “artists” I prefer “creative.” That’s just what we are… creative. And we LOVE and APPRECIATE art. So, that’s why we have the Herald.

How long have you been with GTH?

R: I founded GTH about two years ago. At first, I had a company called Glory Tree Flowers. I was making hand-made hair decor for brides and special orders. But, I really love to write and I really love getting to know creative individuals, so I decided an online publication was more my style. Jeremy joined on as a side gig. I kind of guilted him into it, but I think he enjoys helping me.

J: Yep, I’d say that’s spot on. Art and music are things I enjoy. And helping my wife… so all those things come together here.

What do you see in the future for GTH?

R: Oh, there are so many possibilities, aren’t there? I have thought about paper publications, YouTube channels, etc. We have opened our project to interns who would like to learn more about online publishing, PR, social media, and SEO. That was a huge step for us and one we are super excited about. But, we are both students and have jobs as well and everything is just going to continue “as is” until we can tie a few knots in some of our own personal endeavors. In the meantime, we are enjoying learning more about the arts and culture community in the Triangle and connecting with international artists through social media. This is our semi-professional hobby. Perhaps someday it could become a profession, but we are focused on the here and now…

What are you wanting to accomplish today with this publication?

J: I think part of what we want to accomplish is to take part in placing Raleigh/Durham and the surrounding areas on the international map of art and culture… all while meeting cool people and drinking some good wine along the way. Art is a way to gain a varied perspective on the world, so we would like to provide that to our readers as well.

R: Yes, we are definitely seeking to gain a broader perspective and to provide artists, no matter their medium, with a sense of validation. So many times people look at a work of art or watch a performance, and they may know a few details about the artist or the performers, but we are really interested in getting a little more than just a few details. We want to ask “why” and “how” and give the creators a chance to respond publicly, if they want to… of course. Mainly, we want to have fun and appreciate others for their talents and contributions to this beautiful, creative world.

Portrait by Paul Pastrone at www.boxersweeney.com

Portrait by Paul Pastrone at http://www.boxersweeney.com



Many thanks to Paul Pastrone for the portraits! Check out his work at BoxerSweeney.com and our interview with this amazing artist here.