Joe Sacco responds to Charlie Hebdo: Satire takes the stand

Dear artists and readers,

It has been long hiatus from publishing here at GTH and, unfortunately, I am not posting to advertise that we will be returning to frequent publications just yet.

It has been a week of sadness for artists around the world and as many of us lift our pens, paints, hands, and hearts up in solidarity with Charlie Hebdo and say #JeSuiCharlie, I wanted to contribute here on GTH to the global support from editors and publications around the world by honoring those whose lives were lost. I think the best honor we can give is to discuss and penetrate the issues at the heart of this attack with our creative minds and our humanity.

Joe Sacco recently responded to the attack with the cartoon below. This cartoon differs, in many ways, from some of the other globally promoted cartoon responses. What Sacco’s cartoon did for me was muddle the certainties and show that satire is truly a genre of more questions than answers. “Lines on paper are a weapon,” he writes. As artists, I hope we are able to come together to trouble through this understanding of art as weaponry and to realize that we, as artists, create something meaningful and powerful and communicative. We are rarely an audience of one. That is a beautiful, albeit sometimes fearful, human thing.

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