Snap Feature: Poet and Artist Steven Stone “The Glory”


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In the forbidden unkissed

night of secrets,

in the dark waters of

iron and steel,

the underworldly

slaves and masters

suck the sun-cells out,

impregnable in the

blue-injected dawn.


They cast out the wretched

that Dante dreamed;

in shape and form

the ghosts of our guilt.


My head is in the clouds

of a breach, a bloody

ravine, turning the oath-

birds of death;

the feathered wheel turns

until there is nothing

but stone and its rubbed



There is nothing alive but dust

that once was a diamond

on your hand, on your

frozen fingers;


Nothing is lost,

no grieving at dawn.

We dig with terrible

fingers, the scant

roots one by one

fighting through



In awe of the sun,

the blood-spattered

sunset, our lungs

grow broad in the steely

air; the dense words

that line the heart-

chambers are entered

in the lost language

that translates to

a breakage; breakage

to a solitary voice.

Purging my heart of

all expedients, I

matriculate to bliss,

to gold of the canyons

My gold, the spirit of the

shepherds my spirit,

The will to push the

animal forward, desire and

dream, embrace and

animus impregnable, the long

season of red-ruled

passion rolling its clouds

over me; steel on steel,

the ringing voices on

the arc of the sun. I

caught the noon of my

life like a giant heart

aflame against the blue

night; noon to dusk,

the journey on foot

yields a green pain;

slipping forward like the

river waves, feeling the

water’s suds,

I am all done

With my secrets, all

the frightened gods

under the sun, the

shadows that framed

it all.


Steven Stone

March 2014


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Steven Stone

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