Books & Shovels: East Coast Traveling Bookstore and Micro-Publisher, Loud Poetry

Jeremiah Walton is a 19-year old poet who has a passion for word-slinging and an entrepreneurial spirit. We have been keeping tabs on Walton since our interview with him in September 2013. After a journey hitch-hiking through the States and spreading his popping vernacular and dripping rhythms of perfumed poetics, Walton is taking it up a notch in the form of a business in motion.

Books & Shovels is a cross country traveling bookstore and micro-publisher sharpening its word-teeth, aiming at the throat of America.  Founded by Walton and backed by Nostrovia! Poetry and UndergroundBooks, B&S distributes publications donated from publishers, authors, poets, musicians, artists, graffiti vandals, anyone who is passionate and looking to get their work out to a greater audience.  This project is about pushing passionate living over making a living.


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Walton and his team operate on street corners, shouting poems at those who otherwise would not care, at open mics and slams, festivals and abandoned parking lots, meshing grass roots promotions with opportunities of the 21st century’s outreach and connectivity.  Walton’s focus is primarily poetry, but B&S distributes passion.  Passion can be found in all corners of creation. (Needless to say, we love this.)
 The mission is to break boundaries, snap borders, to encourage dreaming and loving of yourself and those around you. B&S targets the youth and represents the youth–a new generation of creators.
Walton writes, “Backing this project will sharpen [new writers’ and creators’] teeth, helping them scream “HEY!  LOOK!  WE ARE ALIVE!  OUR HEARTS ARE BEATING!  WE ARE DREAMERS!  WHAT ARE YOUR DREAMS?  WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ACCOMPLISH THEM? Alone, artists are whispers.  Together, we are a scream!”

The Books & Shovels Promotional Event is running until July 14, 2014.

His passion is addicting, and so we are passing on the word. Like all startups, B&S needs to raise funds. Check out their mission and their work at And consider supporting young entrepreneurship and the arts by pledging to help launchBooks & Shovels.
Pledges can be made at:

Join the Books & Shovels Facebook event  to keep up to date with the project’s progress, the contests they’re hosting, and talk among other artists.