Featuring Steven Stone: Poet and Painter

At GTH we are lucky to have the opportunity to present Steven Stone, artist and painter, to our readers for our 2014 kickoff. 2013 left our little publication hanging while economic responsibilities and general family affairs had to be tended. Steve reached out to us as a potential feature, and after reading his poetry we decided that he would restart our collaboration with artists all over the world. Thanks, Steve!
The beauty of poetry is the ability to manipulate words–to form sounds and images, to play with meaning and to persuade interpretation. All of these things, and more, may be extracted from Steve’s work. Read his poems out loud and let the fluid collection of adjective with noun create something meaningful for you.
Sap green. Hauser green dark.
Olive green. Forest green.
Forest asleep. I bend over
the canvas, invade its white lie
with color, its corners sharp
and commanding;
There will be no rest, not today.
Today there will be beacons
of light, the waving of arms,
the wild dance of the eyes,
the strict wrist of creation.
Clouds on the table, still
forming, into ions of white
and grey and whatever else
we desire; exhausting the
palette, demanding to know
why we cannot have the
pink we need, the yellow
flame of the righteous, the
cowering black. The brush
comes down like a hirsute
anvil, smacking the woven
surface time and again;
we clench our fists to
produce our red.
We will have our product,
We will vindicate our sweating
faces with Beauty.
June 2013
You were adjusting the
crop circles under your
eyes when I walked in.
This week. Next week
it is crow’s feet. Rivers
of age are spiders that
cheat the mirror.
Through a white portal
You look and see your
other face, sub-face. Clouds
cover everything but the
mirrored sheen exudes
what you believe, what
binds you.
Part of your labor is the
breath, the gasp you wait
for, that turns into steam
As you disappear behind
the curtain, the blue-green
Oz of your singing dreams.
You hide the once-real
medicine in an old basket,
as the steam wafts into
your eyes and runs them
tearless; you ride the
rivers that once held
August-September 2013
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Steven Stone

GTH: Steve, how long have you been writing poetry?

SS: I have been writing since 1965, when I was starting high school.
 GTH: What or who inspires your work?
SS: Other poets inspire me. Reading other poets’  work is an important part of my routine.
GTH: Your poems have a consistent environmental theme. Do you consider yourself an environmental writer? Why or why not?
SS: Our environment is our constant companion. It plays a big part in our lives. Although I’m not crusading in my poems, I try to incorporate the natural environment, if it leads to a realization about our own lives.It can’t be avoided.
 GTH: Are you a full-time poet or do you have a day job? If so, how does your work influence your art?
SS: I don’t know if there is such a thing as a full-time poet. I try to take a step forward every day, whether it’s writing or making submissions or reading poetry. I’m not working right now, but I try to stay busy. Also I’m a painter, so that takes up some of the time as well.
GTH: What, in your own words, is the purpose of poetry?
SS: The purpose of poetry, to a large extent,  is self-discovery. I feel that’s true of all the arts. Aside from that, we need to find our own sense of purpose as individuals in the reading and/or writing of poems. It’s not the same for everyone.
Follow Steven Stone on Facebook for more examples of his beautiful work at StevenStone:Facebook.

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