August: A Month in Review: Liberty through Fine Art

DSC_0285Dear Readers,

Allow me to be the romantic sap that I am for just a moment. I have been more than pleased (let’s say ecstatic) about the progression of the Herald. This month was introduced by our unveiling of the Glory Tree branding logo and, with high hopes, we have worked diligently believing that people will share their talents with our small publication. Within the month of August, we have successfully published interviews with a world traveling photographer, a modern digital sketch artist, and a poet who builds verse halfway across the globe from our hometown. We have celebrated two excellent features on blogs we admire and popped the networking champagne to honor a featured artist who recently opened shop!  Currently for upcoming articles, we have publication dates reserved for seven interviews, one leading editorial from a guest writer, and we are currently sketching plans to cover a national live event here in Raleigh (WOAS). To say this has proved a successful venture is understated. This, dear readers, is a vision come true. One that wouldn’t exist without your faithful readership and participation (THANK YOU)!

As we strike out on the new scholastic year, things will become a bit more condensed and scheduled in order to fall gracefully between the lines of classroom demands and home life priorities. We want to encourage our writers to be not bone-weary but energized when they sit down to produce fresh material for your Sunday read. The wonderful thing about what inspires GTH content is that it is found absolutely everywhere. Creativity, especially fine art, leaps the boundaries of language and prejudice. We have the world to discuss and a global community to explore without ceasing.

Yesterday, as I was sitting in the breezy shade of this Carolina summer, I flipped through my phone and came upon a work of art that halted my search engine rummage. The work was a watercolor print of a hunched over old man holding a cup. For many of those unknown reasons that we feel connected to a piece of art, I immediately was struck by the colors and the human form of this man. I felt, suddenly, that the artist would be someone to connect with and discover. Perhaps this artist can be filed respectively among the esteemed creators of my influence. This was the impact of the connection and similarity I acknowledged with this print.

So I delved a little further into the identity of the artist, and to my surprise (although perhaps not your own) I found this work to be the artistic talent of Marilyn Manson, a man from which I have adamantly separated my identity and influence. I was raised in a southern, Christian home–the type of culture that barred the entertainment of such an artist for fear of his extreme contradictory beliefs from my own. Despite my college breeding and my liberal ways, I was floored by the idea that something so impactful and illuminating could be generated from someone so opposite myself.

But, here is the lesson about fine art: It is unlimited. It leaps linguistic and cultural boundaries and prejudices. Creativity is mandatory for the human existence and I truly believe it is an important component for connecting the most obscure identities. This is the reason the Herald works to expose fine art and other creative endeavors– to inspire connection and innovation among all walks of life. It is extremely hopeful for me to know my work at GTH is currently exposing and challenging the human divide, even within myself. I have the same hopes for you, dear reader, as our publication grows and you join us on our journey.


Reagan K Reynolds



When I get old, Marilyn Manson

“When I get old” | watercolor, absinthe | Marilyn Manson | borrowed from

View fine prints by Marilyn Manson at


Appreciation for August Featured Artists

A gracious “thank you!” to our artists and writers who helped to kick off our season!

Simon Kindt, Brisbane Poet

Simon Kindt, Brisbane Poet |

Paul Pastrone

Paul Pastrone, digital sketch artist |

Meghan Kinita

Meghan Greenlay, photographer |

Appreciation for July Featured Artists


Samantha Ray, poet and songwriter | Twitter @heysamantharay


Andrea Watson, metalsmith |


Tiffany Jones, fine art and print |

I want to know more about becoming a featured artist and contributing to the Glory Tree Herald!

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