Writers Love/Hate Writing

Candice Rogers (Chicago, IL) shares why writers love/hate writing, and we agree! An elegantly worded post on the art of writing from Church of the Silver Screen. Hop on over and show her some love.

Church of the Silver Screen


Writing is like being pregnant and giving birth.

Even male writers must understand this analogy.  Once an idea is conceived within a fertile mind, it is gestated during a lengthy creative process.  The culmination of said idea is the forceful pushing out (onto paper/screen) the last, pristine, complete miracle that is The Finished Project.

If writing is not for leisure but performed with a tangible end product as the final goal, the process is nothing less than excruciating, costly and time consuming.  For me, personally, it becomes costly when I down no less than four twelve ounce bottles of Perrier per day just to get through three pages.  If it’s so horrible then why in the hell do we still do it?  Why do we sit here for hours on end, sometimes fidgeting, writhing in sheer agony as we type exactly 5 words per minute?

Because we’re addicted.


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