Letter from the Editor: Getting Serious

Photo on 7-21-13 at 5.56 PMDear Readers,

As Jeremy and I have been clarifying our vision for the Glory Tree Herald, I have questioned the validity/relevance of my editorials and how/if they should be incorporated with this public forum. I have determined that they should be included, but that their content should be revised to accurately reflect the purpose of our publication.

There are three main components we would like to include in the content provided on the Glory Tree Herald:

1. Interviews with artists from a wide variety of creative and innovative mediums. These interviews reveal many facets of creativity, provide exposure for rising artists, and can be used as a platform for discussing methods and business in relation to the arts.

2. Displays of poetry, prose, and digital art. This will provide an opportunity for writers and artists to publish outside of their own following, building their audience while providing our readers with a variety of new, fresh material.

3. Articles and editorials that provide constructive, relevant conversation and pleasant reading for our audience.

Prior to this post, I have been very open about my personal life and have discussed topics that are not directly related to the arts: my relationship with food, anxiety, my family, etc. In order to harmonize with our professional vision, I will no longer post peer-into-my-personal-journal-like editorials here on GTH, but will post a monthly article reflecting on the creative content we publish. As self-appointed “Editor in Chief,” the editorials will provide an opportunity for me to connect with you by reflecting on our  most recent features.

Our vision is enormous and we are excited about the future of the Glory Tree Herald. Thanks to all of our readers and subscribers for supporting our initiative!


  • Guest writers
  • More fabulous, informative interviews
  • Artistic displays
  • Advertising for local events
  • Print, a tangible interaction!

Stay tuned!


Reagan K. Reynolds

Keep up with Reagan’s personal, off-the-clock content on Bluestocking Hack.

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