Courrier “Love is a Fire”

photo (13)I notice that my body has a natural reaction to the sound of good music. I lean and sway to the rhythm of the blues and get down and let loose to the vibrant bass line of funk. I clap along to the beat of drums with pop (indie) and fist pump to the synths and bass of a keyboard with house and dub-step. Throw in some memorable lyrics with a catchy chorus and I am dancing like nobody’s watching.

“Love is a Fire” by Courrier (Austin, TX) responds to a world that can appear to be dark and cynical with the irrefutable spread of love. From beginning to end, this song appeals to a vast audience and leaves the listener feeling the burn of love within. My wife and I had the opportunity of catching Courrier when they came through our city of Raleigh, NC on Valentine’s Day this past year while touring with Suite 709 (another great band). The presence of the band held the full attention of the audience from the moment the opening notes began until their set rung around to an end. I think I can speak for everyone that night in saying we were mesmerized with the passion each member devoted to their performance. “Love is a Fire” easily takes the song of the week, so turn up the volume and enjoy.


Learn more about the band at

Follow the band on Twitter: @courriermusic.

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Valentine’s Day 2013
Deep South the Bar

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