Fever Fever “Clouds Catch Fire”

photo (13)

Jeremy Reynolds, Music Columnist

Music often allows a listener to build an atmosphere in his/her mind, creating a mental soundtrack that combines the perfect song with visions of color, dreams, or personal memories. “Clouds Catch Fire” by Fever Fever does just that. The Ohio based band channels a folksy spirit in this song with the steady rhythm of a hand drum and acoustic guitar, which immediately prepares the internal self for a harmonious journey. The lyrics serve as an extended hand to ensure the listener is going to a beautiful place, “where the clouds catch fire.” The melody presents a feeling of solace before being totally captivating with the additional sound of (wait for it) a piccolo! With each thud of the drum, my mind carries me further away from my adversities and closer to the delicacy of nature. The combination of the guitar and piccolo match with the sublime deliverance of the chorus, which has me swaying and dancing in the driver seat of my car while longing for rolling hills and mountain air.

The decision to make this “song of the week” is transparent. Big love to Fever Fever for reaching out to The Glory Tree Herald on Twitter. We hope to see some tour dates in North Carolina soon!

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Learn more about Fever Fever at www.feverfeverband.com.

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