Artist Tiffany Jones Shares Joy with Trendy Flare, Raleigh NC

Artist Tiffany Jones is a native of New York and grew up in Raleigh, NC. She has traveled to several states, holding down temporary jobs while working to expand her business as artist and designer. Now, it seems her creative work is on the verge of breakthrough. As her publicity is growing to a trendy enormity, her Etsy store, TiffanyJonesDesign, continues to thrive and custom orders are pouring into her visionary hands.

Over caffeine-induced conversations, I have discovered more about Tiffany and her passion for beauty and desire to express happiness and joy through her work. Tiffany’s desire to share creative hope is so illuminate, we offered her a platform here to get a little behind-the-scenes verbiage from an innovative local artist.


GT: As an artist you work with several mediums. Do you have a medium you prefer more than the others?

TJ: I love all mediums. I mainly do design work which involves many mediums that focus around Photoshop and Illustrator.* I currently love watercolors, though, and am starting to explore mixing watercolors with different ink types.

GT: When did you first realize that you were an artist?tiffanyjoneswatermark

TJ: That’s a tricky question! I first knew I loved creativity when I was very young. Around age five, my dad was involved in videography at his church. I would sit in the video booth with him and switch slides of the cameras and angles. Then, by age ten I was on camera. I feel like that time in my life is when I developed an eye for composition and color. From that point is when I knew I’d be in the field of creativity in some way or form.

GT: You have previously painted in front of live audiences. How did this element contribute to or distract from your work?

TJ: It was never a distraction. The audience fueled my creativity, it seems, in an odd way. Their expectation and the sounds (usually) of great music around me inspired me more, actually, if that makes sense. It was a joy to do this in that season of life when I first started painting. I will say it’s a very vulnerable experience. Especially if you are having an “off day” and your creativity seems low. But, overall, it was awesome.

GT: You said that you developed an eye for composition and color while helping your dad with videography. Have you considered continuing with film?

TJ: I did when I was younger. I have made some videos here and there but I have not thought recently to pursue it. Although, I love all mediums of art and if I get a chance to dabble in film, I would love that!

GT: Your work is very unique. Each piece has a consistent “Tiffany Jones” quality to it. What inspires your work and what do you think makes it original?

TJ: I am inspired by so many things. Part of the way I dream up images and put together pieces is through a lot of continuous soul searching. I am constantly challenged and inspired by people around me. I want my work to always speak life, hope and belief into weary hearts and hopefully throw some inspiration their way as well. I think one of the keys to inspiration, for me, is to always produce something that comes from deep within or “preaches to yourself” first. It should not only move your audience, but move you as well.

GT: Where do you see your inspiration and art taking you next? Do you have any substantial projects in mind?

TJ: I would love, at this time in life, to start pursuing more with mentoring and teaching all I have learned. I am hoping to pursue something in that arena. Also, exploring new areas of art and, although I have been very focused on design the past few years, I am hoping to start painting again, frequently, on canvas.

One thing about being a professional artist is there are always curve balls and new adventures waiting around the corner. I have learned to be fully open to that and explore any new creative opportunity.

Photography by Alyssa Dawn Carr

Photography by Alyssa Dawn Carr

GT: Often beginning artists struggle with finding their own voice in their work, something new to present to the public. Do you have advice for new artists who have professional hopes for their talent?

TJ: My advice is start simple and find yourself in your work. Out of that will you develop your own style and flow. Don’t try to do what everyone else is doing. Create things based on what you like and what inspires you most, currently.

And, like I said before, good art comes with lots of soul searching, challenges, and belief in yourself. Be confident in your work and wrestle with it if you have to.

GT: Excellent advice. Tiffany, I am so glad you were available to share with our readers today. As you know, Glory Tree is a platform to discuss beauty in our current, everyday life. What, in your own words, does it mean to be beautiful?

TJ: To be beautiful is to be raw and real. It’s vulnerability. It’s finding yourself and finding your wings. I believe we find out we are beautiful and truly believe it when we know how much we are loved and truly believed in.


See more works by Tiffany and learn more about her business at

*Editor’s Note: Photoshop and Illustrator are digital design software programs.

2 thoughts on “Artist Tiffany Jones Shares Joy with Trendy Flare, Raleigh NC

  1. I am so happy for you, Tif, and so glad that your work is expanding. I had the feeling it would. Your work is very, very unique and original. Wouldn’t be surprised to see an art museum putting up many of your works; and if the Lord should tarry a couple of hundred years and we’re long gone from the earth – many of us to be forgooten in the annals of history – your paintings will be hanging on the Metroplitan Museum of Art or the Museum of Modern Art, or both! and everyone will be wanting a Tiffany work. Even art thieves will attempt stealing it and selling it to the highest bidder. But, most important of all, people will be using it to share the Gospel and others will be moved by grace towards Christ through the art. No surprise if your painting inspire revival. Nope, it would not surprise me at all…

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