Featuring A Raleigh Event: Hope for Aurora

Glory Tree Flowers’ first event was a wonderful success. The coffee was delightfully tasty and my heart was warmed with every flower sewn. The result was twelve beautiful boxes full of love, hope, and encouragement ready to send to Aurora, Colorado. Thank you, so kindly, to those who donated their time, supplies, and money to our initiative. I hope your act of kindness reaches deep into your own hearts as it will into the hearts of those who will receive, and as it has in mine. Here are a few snap-shots of our Raleigh love-filled event!

A special thanks to all those who gave including, but not limited to:

Anora McGaha
Owner of Women Writers, Women Books

Cindy Griffin
Shreveport, LA Artist

Anna Aycock
Raleigh Photographer

Stephanie Hughes
Author of StolenColon.com

Joyce “ReJoyce” Gibson
Mother, and dearest friend

Robert and Alvely Zoumis
Our fun loving friends

The Kiker Family
The roots of Glory Tree Flowers

And many others who have become a part of our Glory Tree family through their kindness and support.

3 thoughts on “Featuring A Raleigh Event: Hope for Aurora

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